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We Can Help Your Achieve A Refreshing, Well Maintained Yard Any Season.

Ongoing Maintenance Is Important For A Healthy Landscape

Whether it's unsightly weeds that rob the soil of nutrients your plants should be getting, or overgrown trees and shrubs that become unhealthy, block sunlight, and crowd their surroundings, year round maintenance is the answer.

See our menu of Management Services below.

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Lawn Services

 Our mowing season begins late winter as we see it is needed,  then our visits continue weekly as the season progresses.  In the fall, we blow leaves off the hard surfaces such as walks, patios, driveways, and the lawn.

Year round weekly lawn visits to your yard include:

    • Mowing as needed
    • Edging the walks, drive and street with an edger
    • Weed eating small areas
    • Blowing off the hard surfaces including patios and porches
    • Picking up sticks from the lawn area
    • Shrub beds are not included
    • Blowing debris off the catch basins in the yard
    • Blowing fall leaves off the grass and paved surfaces, into natural areas and shrub beds
We offer lawn care in select areas.  Please contact us to see if you are in our service area.

We have a complete Lawn Nutrition Program to fit your needs.  Combine this with weekly lawn visits to keep your yard healthy and looking it’s best.

      • Jan. /  Feb.        Lime (as need based on soil test)
      • Feb. / March    1st Round of Fertilizer, Broadleaf Herbicide & Pre-emergent Herbicide Weed Control
      • April                    2nd Round of Fertilizer, Broadleaf Herbicide & Pre-emergent Herbicide Weed Control
      • May / June       1st Round of Iron & Fungicide to Control Brown Patch
      • June                   Grub & Army Worm Control
      • June / July       2nd Round of Iron & Fungicide to Control Brown Patch
      • July                     Summer Pre-Emergent Weed Treatment
      • August               Soil Test
      • November        Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer


Our aerating and over seeding is scheduled in the fall, typically in October.  However, it is dependent on the weather and whether or not we are maintaining cool enough temperatures.  

Services include:

      • Core aerating the lawn
      • Fertilizing the lawn with a starter fertilizer
      • Top dressing with composted soil  (see our top dresser in action)
      • Seeding with a Fescue blend
      • Irrigation adjustments if needed

Shrub Bed Detail & Plant Health

Let us be your personal gardener!

We typically schedule a half day in your yard for a 2 to 3 man crew. A detail visit will include the services listed below as needed throughout the season.

  • Fertilizing the trees and shrubs as needed in the spring.
  • Pre-emergent herbicide applied to the shrub beds as needed.
  • Hand weeding and spraying RoundUp on weeds.
  • Maintenance pruning of shrubs which consists of:
      • pruning of blooming shrubs at appropriate times
      • pruning mainly to remove loose ends and neaten up which can be done by standing on the ground using hand or battery powered tools, and there are not large loads of debris to be hauled off
  • Pest management program
  • Annual and Perennial flower pruning, weeding and fertilizing as needed.
  • Blowing leaves off the mulch to neaten up.
  • Monitor watering needs and make adjustments to the irrigation system.

Leaf Clean Up & Removal

We provide this service exclusively for our Lawn Maintenance customers.

We have two methods of leaf clean up in the fall.  Which one we use will depend on the volume of leaves in your yard.

We cannot predict how the leaves will fall.  Each year is different and weather plays a huge factor in the amount of time needed to clean up and dispose of leaves.  Sometimes we get lucky and they fall all at once making collection time minimal.  On the other hand, if we are getting a lot of rain, wet leaves take much longer to blow, collect and dispose of.  Any estimates given are general and can vary year to year, even in the same yard.

Weekly mowing visits are a time where mowing and blowing the leaves usually can keep them under control up to a point.  This is included in the weekly mowing charge provided the leaves are not excessive, taking more time than an average lawn visit and can be chopped and blown to natural areas with a mower.  Our priority during the fall is to keep the falling leaves from smothering the new grass that is coming up in the lawn.

This is blowing the leaves out of the entire yard or some parts of the yard where heavy leaf accumulation occurs including natural areas and shrub beds.  Usually this is required two times in the fall, once in the middle of the season and again at the end.  It is best to decide if there are natural areas in the yard that we can blow leaves into or it will be necessary load them onto a truck and haul them off.  This type of clean up is charged on an hourly basis for man hours and leaf vacuum truck if needed.

Winter & Early Spring Clean Up

Winter is a great time to clean up your property and get a fresh start for spring!

Just because the weather has turned cold and the grass has stopped growing doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to do.  Here are some good housekeeping items to consider:

  • Major pruning that requires ladders, pole saws, chainsaws and larger loads of debris removal (landfill fees may apply).
      • Pruning of shrubs
      • Removing lower limbs off of trees
      • Pruning to shape large shrubs and trees
  • Cleaning out shrub beds of remaining leaves, dead plants and dormant foliage
  • Edging shrub beds keeps mulch in place and provides a clean edge for a neater appearance
  • Spreading fresh pine needles or mulch

This is best done in the winter because the leaves have come down and pine needles have fallen off the trees in the fall.  In other words, you are getting the best pine needles in the late fall and winter.

Top Dressing

If You Haven't Seen Our Top Dresser In Action, Check It Out!

Top dressing uniformly spreads a thin layer of compost over your lawn and over time, improves the soil, and provides many benefits for the lawn.

  • It improves soil by adding organic matter back to the lawn.
  • Smooths the lawn surface leveling bumps and low spots.
  • Combined with aerating, it puts nutrients deeper into the soil.
  • It retains moisture and ensures the grass seed has good contact with the soil to improve seed germination!

Top Dressing