Lighting & water features

Accentuate & Add Ambiance

With Dramatic Lighting & Tranquil Water Features

Landscape Lighting

Spot light the beauty in your yard.

Make outdoor spaces safer, usable, and more enjoyable longer into the evening. Not only can landscape lighting add beauty and drama to your yard, it adds safety and security. Spotlight favorite areas of your landscape or enjoy coming home to a welcoming, well-lit walk or patio.

We Offer:

  • Lighting Design and Installation
  • Existing Lighting System Add-ons
  • Repairs to Existing Lighting Systems
  • Upgrade to New LED Systems

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Water Features

Escape a stressful day and block out aggravating noises of a bustling neighborhood!

Adding a water feature creates a focal point and brings life to your landscape.  Water offers tranquility and calming effects and can be a unique as your own personal taste and style.  Think beyond the ordinary in-ground pool.  Bubblers and fountains can be added to a variety of containers that will hold water.

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